Top 5 Reason For Innovation In Condo Management

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January 23, 2018
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February 5, 2018

Top 5 Reason For Innovation In Condo Management

The Smartphone is one of humankind’s greatest creation, this is not news for anyone. It has revolutionized the way many industries from food, shopping to transportation services. However, nothing much has happened in the Condo / Building Management community when it comes to smartphones.

In order to solve this problem, we have five reasons why we believe that smartphone apps are the next big thing in Condo / Building Management and how to take advantage of this opportunity.


1. Smartphone users continues to grow

Almost 2.4b people will use a smartphone this year, an increase of 10.8%, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast. Worldwide smartphone penetration will continue to increase, and by the end of 2018,  more than a third of the global population will be using a smartphone. This year more than 54% of mobile phone users will be smartphone users.

If my psychic powers serves me right, I guess you might probably be holding one right now when reading this article.


2. “How if my condo has an app”

I am a smartphone user, sad true is no matter where I go, what I do, my smartphone is always with me. From the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep. This is my alarm clock, this is where I read my news, view my emails, stay in touch with friends, snap and share photos, pay bills, watch movies, listen to music.

When I have to write, print and mail to get a message sent or even call the operator to look up for a number. Everything is just a few taps away and it’s always with me in my pocket.

Sometimes I might imagine that “how if my condo has an app”, I can book a tennis court with just one button without walking a long way to the management office, I can check out and pay for maintenance fee and get updated on announcements and notices in my smartphone. Get the WIFI password to the conference room through my smartphone.

“I wish my condo has an app” and i think some of you might have thought about it too.


3. Most management is still using outdated technology

Like getting an Uber ride, Condo or Building management is in the service industry. Unlike Uber however, getting information, or making a reservation in community facilities today isn’t as easy and convenient.

Many managers today still rely on a lot of manual labor work through phone calls, papers and spreadsheets. This gives you a great opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and provide your residents with the convenience and access they deserve.


4. Improve management productivity and efficiency

Property managers need to handle 101 things everyday and with so little time available, it’s important for managers to squeeze out as much time as possible. With a smartphone app, managers can answer to resident requests while having lunch or approve a party room reservation while conducting an on-site unit visit. It also comes in handy when managers need to pull up the latest minutes during a short conversation with a committee member.


5. A different living environment

When was the last time you heard a friend boasting about their apartment management’s service?

That’s right. None.

An app that makes it easy for residents to reserve a party room or check their account balances will definitely give your residents the chance to talk with friends and guests at the dinner table. Nothing generates more brand awareness than good old word-of-mouth!


Want to see our mobile app in action?

At aiResident, we believe in the smartphone revolution for community management can improve the quality of life in our condo.

Thousands of community residents are already enjoying the convenience of our iPhone and Android app to communicate with their property managers.

We’d love to share how hundreds of management companies and self managed communities are using the aiResident app to launch their management services into the 21st century.


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