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December 19, 2017
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December 20, 2017

Student Hostel Manager

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Hi peeps, welcome aboard.

It’s time to start defining yourself as a HOSTEL MANAGER.

As a HOSTEL MANAGER, you will be exposed to both fantastic and terrible people.
You will make some mistakes, and go into a less than ideal situation; and get frustrated.

You have to define yourself as a person and as an authority figure from the beginning. It is the struggle that every member will face. Defining yourself as the manager of anything is important as it is how you will be remembered and how you will be treated/respected along the way.

It is simple to approach management. You have to know what you stand for and how are you going to manage. Try to be a fun person in this serious atmosphere, but make sure that everyone does what they are supposed to be doing. There is a balance in management that every manager will have to come to grips with at some point. One needs to be accommodating and understanding, but also realize that being too lenient sets the wrong tone for the atmosphere.

TOP 5 Defining Traits of a Hostel Manager

Be straightforward

Make a list of all things that you want to talk about in addition to taking some time to reflect on how you want your role to be viewed. Put everything forward so that they can know what  the expectations are. In the list, expand on each of the ideas elaborating on points that you feel are necessary and essential.
For example, having a strict no after midnight visit policy.



Giving reason behind rules and regulation helps a lot. Giving reason helps the resident to understand the why. They don’t always need to know but it gives them a reason to feel the need to enforce it.  Without the why, they may feel that a rule is stupid and dictative.



You need to react quickly to issues as they come. The longer you let the time pass,  the less effective they will be. For example, if something unacceptable happen, address it immediately. Else, it will appear in social network very soon.


Reiterate yourself as necessary

Don’t hesitate to go over rules and regulations multiple times until your team and resident understands them wholeheartedly. As the person in charge, you bear the burden of explanation. You cannot fault resident on doing something wrong when they are actually away from home, come to a new environment and feel “Loneliness”. Support them through as it needed, patiently.


Be wary of exceptions

As you begin to define yourself as a hostel manager, make sure that you are not making too many exceptions to the rules, especially if they only benefit you. Once you have defined rules in your own way, it is important to show that you mean them and that they are to be taken seriously. We will be watching you, student.


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