Hostel Management: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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November 23, 2017
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December 19, 2017

Hostel Management: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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What is it to feel like to manage “stranger” or we called it “newcomer” in a proper way?


“I am looking for a bit of advice. Right, I’m a student. I have no experience in hostel management, but I’m extremely keen to join the board of committee to manage a student hostel because I would like to gain experience by managing a hostel and, get to know my housemate. ”

– by Anonymous.


Dear Anonymous,

Before you go ahead with the passion and interest, do you REALLY know the troubles that you are going to face once you step into hostel management?




First of all, these are the problems to be faced when you are new to the “community”. They are the people you will live with for months, if not years.


They” refers to Student Residence


So, what are the problems with them?


They DO NOT follow the rules

They are labelled as no-brainer, or at least it should be. Generally, they just break the rules requested by the management, though not often, but when it happens, it can be frustrating to say at least. Especially if the management goes out of its way to put up a nicely printed notice.


They think that they are the ONLY guest

Call it entitlement or just simply disregard for others, sometimes they actually think that they are the only people in the hostel, or at least act in that way.

Move the hostel’s furniture around without permission or approval by the staff.
(especially in the late night!) OR

someone who waste electricity by leaving the lights on and/or air conditioners on full blast when they are gone like for 10 hours in a day! OR

some of them watching an action packed thriller with the volume on at MIDNIGHT and crinkling up plastic bags and bottles in the room!


They are NOT PICKING UP after themselves

Often and frequently people congregate drink, eat then leave a huge mess for someone else to deal with. I like to use the old adage that two hands are better than one. If everyone who participates in making a mess helps to clean it up, then the time required would be a fraction of the total!


They are SILENT renewer

One of the action that is difficult to be comprehended, perhaps they do not like conflict or don’t want to make a scene? Some people would actually come in and out hardly socializing with anyone, then leave a bad review about simple or irrelevant things to the service that they received. It doesn’t make sense!


They add salt to damage

When something is leaking, when there is a pile of trash, or when the sink is clogged up, why make it worse? Why not just tell someone about it or fix it? There could be a simple solution, but they expect the management to do everything.


They are the complainer

They want a 5-star hotel at a 1-star price. Hostels are not hotels. They never will be and they never should be. Get ready for those who ask if the management can get room service or wondering why their room doesn’t have a fully equipped with a flat screen television with all channels. If you want a hotel, then pay for one. Reasonable requests should always be done by management, but there are limitations to their resources.

They borrow something and not giving it back

This should be probably be written in all office etiquette. As a management member, you must always guard your things. Of these above habits, this is probably one of the most insignificant ones. Although if can at times be one of the more annoying ones. Something as little as borrowing a pen and walking off with it is annoying just off of principle. Tables, chairs, scissors, books, kitchen appliances, phone chargers and etc all fall under this category. Perhaps, you have to keep organized and log on the desk on what is borrowed and by whom. So busy!


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, if you have been affected by the problems above but are too shy to be a Hostel Manager, there is always an option for
digital hostel management, where you can experience role-play as a hostel manager, create and manage your own community with a bit of privacy.


“Never try, you will never know”

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