Hostel Life of Students

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December 19, 2017
Student Hostel Manager
December 19, 2017

Hostel Life of Students

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“You are going to hate it when you are there, but you will surely miss it when you leave”


Have you ever lived in a hostel? Never spent life in a hostel? Then you’ve missed something important in life. Hostel Life is carefree, flamboyant, fun-filled and liberal. Life dances on your finger-tunes and you are free like a free bird. Just an eagle is the king of the sky with the whole world beneath its feet, you get the wing like an eagle.


No worries of parents’ scolding, doing whatever your heart says, your desires manifested and fun at its helm. All are the pros of living a hostel life. As the popular belief says, a child gets spoilt if kept in the hostel, that’s not true.


There are benefits of staying in the hostel.


First, it will be the communal area. Spacious shared rooms in the hostels which allow you to meet new interesting people who may become your friends, fellow housemate along the hostel journey or assignment discussion mate.  These days, having the right connections can be quite the key in setting your future. So, what would be the better way of networking than while you are studying?


Staying in the hostel with convenient store around may be a great way of buying something with reasonably priced items. On the other hand in the hostel area, you would end up paying much more.


One of the expenses that you can’t simply exclude from your budget is food. Hostel enable you to save a rather large sum of money by allowing you to use the communal/sharing kitchen. By this way, you do not have to eat out every night and you can cook yourself a healthy, well-balanced option rather than opting for fast food.


The vast majority of the hostel are well equipped with all modern amenities including free wifi, gym and etc. Whereas if you are not staying in hostel, you have to sign up a minimum 2 years of contract for wifi installation with a monthly charge. This is an extra expenses!


Another advantage of hostelling is the fact that they are normally located near to the transport links which may help you to conveniently get to the various places especially hotspot that you are interested in. In addition, some of the hostels do provide shuttle service to public transport station for free.


Many people worry about the security and safety of staying in hostel, or perhaps get paranoid from reviews or feedbacks from the web. However, hostels today tend to have a variety of security options ranging from pre-registration of visitors, safes behind reception, electronic access card, 24-hours on-site security officer and CCTVs recording common areas.


When the hostel life ends, it’s an end of an ara. All you have in your eyes are tears and a bagful of beautiful memories! Whatever the memories are, they are yours to keep and you can recollect it any point in your lifetime.

So, hostel life is the most important learning curve in the lives. It shapes your course of the lives, more so if you are a hostel manager. And then, we madly get involved in the race of life, leaving behind the beautiful times you spend in hostel.

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