Want to Lead and Improve Your Strata Property?

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January 23, 2018
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February 5, 2018

Want to Lead and Improve Your Strata Property?

You might have made several big purchases throughout your life; like a college education, your first car or the fancy wedding you always wanted. But none of these will be so daunting as buying your first house!

You counting down to the day and finally you can breathe a sigh of relief when you first step in your “home”. Unfortunately, the longer you stay, you find that the ideal “dream home” of your strata property, is very far off the reality.

The day when you decided to purchase a high rise property you should clearly know that you will have to share walls with neighbours along with parking and common areas. The difficult hard fact to accept, is that being the owner, but you don’t have the full control to fix everything the way you want it. All these will be jointly carried out by the building manager with the decisions by a group of “bosses” of your condo – Joint Management Committee.


What if Joint Management Committees are not doing enough?

The ugly truth is most committees struggle to manage more than basic maintenance or perhaps don’t even intend to manage. This is because the first AGM (Annual General Meeting) are usually held without the majority of residents present. Therefore, first elected JMCs of new projects are usually inexperienced and not well established in terms of relationships with the community.

Committee members are volunteers without a pay as well. So you might be wondering, why would one be involved in management then? Some committee members get special privileges which you do not get (although this is against the new Strata Management Bill 2012) such as free parking, exempted from paying rental for using community hall, service charge and sinking fund payment is waived and so on.  

The oversight of JMC will not only affect the lifestyle in your “dream home” but also causes a loss if you are going to sell your condo in the future (who knows 2 years later you’re able to afford a “bigger home”). Poor building maintenance contributes to huge loss of property value, and it is a big factor often ignored besides economic depression.


When that happens, who gets blamed?

It is human nature, to vent and to point fingers. That is normal, but doesn’t make it useful and make any difference. You want committees who can move things and be available, instead of phantoms who resolve condo issues at the speed of continental drift.


The community of strata residents must realize the importance of living in harmony and cooperation besides taking charge to protect the investment that they live in. A “home” will only function optimally when all its owners participate. Hence, why let complaint become the culture? Why sit there complain and vent when you can stand out and change? Over time, we realize that there are 3 groups of home owners; those who make things happen, those who wait for things to happen and those who asked what happened.

Be the leader who not only recognizes the “right thing”, but also who motivates others to help you get the “right thing” done.


Do you still remember the excitement and spirit when you first get a set of shiny new keys and move to a new place called “home”?

Or the Kampung Spirit back in your hometown in Kedah?

Lit up your spirit again! Volunteer yourself as the committee member in your next AGM! Or volunteer yourself as a SUB-COMMITTEE.

Get to know your neighbours, say hello.

We will walk with you hand-in-hand to assist you in your journey to betterment of your community and home.

aiResident Community gives you the opportunity to make a difference to your home or real estate.


Form your Own Community and hold together our hands to learn:-

  1. What can I do if my property management needs improvement?
  2. What can I do to participate if I am not a committee member?
  3. How to get deep important issues raised?
  4. How to motivate my neighbours to live back the Kampung Spirit?
  5. and many more…



Get REAL, Form Your Community Today and Know Your Right as a Strata Owner!


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