Condo Living – Nightmare of a Girl living in a Condo

Hostel Management: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
December 19, 2017

Condo Living – Nightmare of a Girl living in a Condo

Welcome! You are here because you’re a responsible resident who cares about your residence and the quality of your condo living environment!

Guess what! You are on the right page! We’ve got you covered with few things faced by Katherine during her condo living for over 5 years.

Continue scroll down and see how Kath’s problems play out in your typical condo living day!


Hidden Problems faced in Condo Living – a letter written by a local girl

“My name is Kath, an office girl who works from 9am to 6pm. However, I leave to work at 6am every morning and arrive home by 8pm every evening due to the heavy traffic in the city. I guess thousands of others are facing the same like me.


I stayed in a mid-range condominium with my uni-mate. Sometimes we loved to cook on weekend and invite friends over for chit-chat, err I mean gossip.


Here’s where the nightmare comes. We invited 4 friends and each of them arrived at different timing. I walked up and down…up and down…4 times! Just to bring my friends in from the guard house as the condo security needed owner’s presence for verification. This is something good for condo’s security, but WHAT IF……


Sometimes on a whim, me and my uni-mate would like to get some sweat like badminton or tennis. Yet, management office for condo facility booking only operated from 8am – 5pm. I mentioned earlier, I left for work at 6am and return at 8pm.


Here’s where the evil in my mind came in, I paid for maintenance fee but I can’t fully utilize the facilities provided. Oh wait! Maintenance fees! This reminds me every beginning of the month I had to spend half a day leave just to walk into management office to pay for my maintenance and utilities fee. Perhaps tradition way is more secure, but WHAT IF……


Also, thanks to social media increasing exposure to problems in society like robbery, rape and so on. It made me think, what if any of these were to happen to me. Do I have few minutes to run down to guard house and ask for help? Or should I stay in my room and scream like a helpless baby? It’s not happening now, doesn’t mean it never will, so WHAT IF……


As a resident, I realize that one of the biggest blessings of condo living is someone else taking care the outside work for you like mowing the lawn or repair common area structures. Unfortunately, management are also human beings, they miss things out once in awhile.  Just like me and you miss out the notices displayed by management on the announcement board, don’t you?”


The problems faced by Kath might sound familiar to you. But have you tried to solve these problems?

Yes, or maybe you don’t know what else you can do.

WHAT IF there is a solution and you are desperate to upgrade the quality of your condo maintenance and live a spirit-filled life, a way you and I deserve. 

If the problem is fixable, that’s not a problem, it’s just the matter of change! Step out of your comfort zone in this modern era. If we don’t change, we don’t grow!


Your Property Deserve Better

and We Have The Ideas Ready 


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  1. Zee says:

    You have got a point of view that worth to be taken under consideration from Management board. Hope your problems can be solved soonest Kath.

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