“Apartment and Condominium Star Rating” – Modern Facilities and Maintenance Fees.

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December 19, 2017
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January 3, 2018

“Apartment and Condominium Star Rating” – Modern Facilities and Maintenance Fees.

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Some apartments and condominium may have great facilities. However, in terms of management and maintenance fees, there are many shortcomings. 


Do you have any idea about your Condominium’s Star Rating? – Modern Facilities and Maintenance Fees.


According to a survey of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry revealed recent findings about the quality of properties management stratification.


Every year, the ministry conducts Strata Scheme Management Quality Evaluation, or “Star Rating”. It ranks the standards of joint management bodies (JMBs) or management corporations (MCs) of apartments and condominiums.


The ministry rank the bodies based on these seven areas :


  • Collection of funds
  • Security
  • Risk management
  • Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Community support
  • Compliance with the law


The highest rank would be five stars.


Currently, there are 20 million people in the city, nearly six million Malaysians are living in apartments and condominiums. However, it turns out that more than half (69%) of condominiums and apartments in the country were ranked “below par” in 2015 with only one and two stars. In 2014, a slightly smaller percentage, 65% ranked below par. 


In the survey of 7,325 strata development schemes, only 1% (or 74) earned five stars rating in 2015. If this trend continues, future residents will inherit the low standards of living in modern facilities.


One of the major problems that condo dwellers continue to face is the refusal of other residents to pay maintenance fees. Other problems are building defects and matters involving enforcement. The biggest and most critical problem is the collection of fees. It is rare that JMBs or MCs are able to collect payment from 80% of residents. It is more common for the collection rate to be at 40% or 50%


The government formed a team to strengthen the implementation of the “Strata Management Act” to deal with residents who do not pay maintenance fees and other charges. Four Strata Management Tribunals have now been successfully established to cover different zones in Peninsular Malaysia. The Act also enables residents to take their disputes to a Strata Management Tribunal to settle matters.


Here are some petty excuses by residents who refuse to pay up: 


  • Some refuse because they don’t use the facilities.
  • Some say they don’t swim or play tennis, therefore no reason to pay.
  • Migrated owners based overseas are reluctant to pay.
  • Some don’t pay simply because their neighbors are not paying and are getting away with it.


It becomes a vicious cycle.  Owners unsatisfied with the upkeep of the place and make that an excuse to not pay the fees. Therefore, there isn’t enough funds for upkeep. This attitude resulted in some apartments owing up to RM200,000 in water and electricity bills. Besides, the lack in the sinking funds hinders JMBs and MCs to pay for major works like renovation and painting.


Consumers need to settle payments they have agreed to, but they also deserve good service in return. The only way forward is for management bodies and residents to have a good working relationship. 


About 70% of residents are unaware of the right attitude and knowledge to manage their property. There is little community spirit to appreciate the benefits of cooperating with each other and creating a better living.


Therefore, it is necessary to change our mindset. We need a more civic-minded community in high-rise buildings. They need to be inclusive and cooperative with their neighbors and learn to be more considerate when using shared facilities.


People should understand that managing their building is a collective responsibility.

So, more information should be explore on How to improve the community to ensure good quality of life wherever we live.

Seize the opportunity to make a change in your property management. Take the lead and form your own community, today.



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